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Back to Program > Case III - Medical Cannabis - Access & Authorization

Chair: Dr. Mark Ware
Montreal, QC

Committee Members:

Dr. Peter Blecher
Oshawa, ON  
Dr. Ken Chisholm
Halifax, NS  
Dr. Gordon Ko
Toronto, ON  
Dr. Pam Squire
Vancouver, BC  
Dr. Aline Boulanger
Montreal, QC  
Dr. John Clark
Halifax, NS  
Dr. Colleen O.Connell
Fredericton, NB  
Dr. Ken Stakiw
Saskatoon, SK  
Dr. Stewart Cameron
Halifax, NS  
Dr. Paul Daeninck
Winnipeg, MB  
Dr. David Shulman
Toronto, ON  
Dr. Dwight Stewart
Kitchener, ON  

The following clinical case deals with a female patient with post- mastectomy breast pain for whom cannabis appears to help manage her pain.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify patients eligible for authorization under the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR)
  • Complete the MMAR application forms
  • Identify legal sources of cannabis for medical purposes
  • Propose rational dosing of medical cannabis